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Medical Insurance in Israel - Letter to Parents from AIM

February 25, 2020


Dear Parents,


As parents of an incoming Yeshivat Ashreinu student, we would like to introduce to you the American Israel Medi-Plan (AIM).


Over the past 30 years, American Israel Medi-Plan, [AIM], has been a designated insurer and provider of medical services for many Yeshivot and Seminaries in Israel. The AIM platinum plan is MANDATORY for Yeshivat Ashreinu students.


AIM is a comprehensive, private medical program, designed specifically for students studying in Israel. AIM (American Israel Medi-Plan) has been providing services for over 30 years, is run by a prominent American doctors and competent Anglo-Saxon staff.

AIM Platinum Plan, provides the following essential medical services to Yeshivat Ashreinu students at $640

* A highly competent experienced staff of American physicians and nurses.

* The AIM doctor visits the Yeshiva 3 times a week. 

* 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency hotline. There is always a doctor to speak with. 

* Your son does not lay out money for services, he simply presents his AIM photo ID card.

* In case of a serious problem, the family or family doctor will be contacted by the caring physician.

* AIM arranges appointments with specialists eliminating red tape and long waiting lines.

* Emergency room and hospitalization covers all non-elective hospital fees with no deductibles or co-pay.

* AIM provides an on call doctor in the hospital to oversee hospital cases and be in touch with the family if needed.

* The knowledge that your son will receive the best medical care available in Israel 24 hrs/day.

* Complete coverage for specialists, prescribed medications, laboratory tests, diagnostic treatment, X-rays and emergency dental care*

* Pre-existing conditions: provides for sudden unexpected onset of pre-existing conditions*

* 14 days continued coverage for the trip to Poland, if applicable

* Diagnostic tests including CT scans, MRI, Bone Scans etc…

* Physical Therapy up to 4 visits per year

* Alternative Medicine and Chiropractics prescribed by the AIM Physician.

* Lost checked luggage up to $250/year. Trip delay/missed connection

* Organized sports coverage for league.  


To register securely, please visit the AIM website at where you can find complete information.  The e-mail address is: Please note that registration is done directly with AIM. Questions about the Platinum Plan, payment, and financial assistance should be directed only to the AIM office and not to Yeshivat Ashreinu. 


Please feel free to contact the AIM U.S. office toll free at: 1–800–4–AIM–PLAN  (1-800-424-6752).




Mrs. Shoshana Berman

Director of Medical Services

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