Suggested Packing List

Kodesh Articles



3 pairs of Tzizit

3 Kippot



Machzorim (Hebrew with English translation, most importantly for Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur as the English-Hebrew machzorim are quite expensive in Israel)


Specific additional sefarim necessary for Yeshiva classes will be available for purchase at discounted rates on campus at the start of Yeshiva. The cost of these sefarim is generally around $50.


Electrical Appliances


Note: Israeli electricity is 220 V.  Please do not bring items with 110 voltage. Travel converters are generally not reliable for long periods of time and can cause electrical shorts.


Bed and Bath

2 sets of sheets & pillowcases

1 good pillow

2 blankets - one summer - one winter

1 sleeping bag (please do not use this as winter blanket - it is NOT healthy)

3 bath towels

3 hand towels


Note: To save space in your luggage, many of the above items as well as other useful accessories may be ordered from Blanket Express at Blanket Express has served our students in the past and comes highly recommended from other Yeshivot.



1 pair dress shoes

1 pair of casual shoes / sneakers

1 pair of slippers / sandals


3 dress shirts; 3 slacks

5 pairs of pants

10 collared/polo shirts

4 sweaters

2 hooded sweatshirts

2 pairs of sweatpants

4 pairs of shorts

2 bathing suits

1 light jacket

1 winter jacket

1 raincoat

10 sets of underwear

1 pair of thermal underwear

16 pairs of socks (dress and white)

2 belts



1 Knapsack (30 liter minimum)

1 pair hiking shoes

1 pair water shoes (which are comfortable and strong enough to hike with – not Crocs)

1 water bladder/hydration pack (3 liter - like a camelbak)

2 baseball caps

1 headlamp



Sports equipment (for football, softball, basketball, etc.)

3 laundry bags; 1 sock bag

A bunch of notebooks, pens and pencils

A supply of hygiene masks and hand sanitizer 









Bug spray

Extra pair of contact lens/glasses

Prescriptions (written prescription from their doctor in addition to the actual medication) and/or over-the-counter medications used regularly by the student.