2) Medical Information

Students are required to purchase AIM medical insurance.

AIM is an American service which provides us with doctors and medication as needed.

Click here for more Information

4) Parent Questionnaire

Please fill out the attached form in order to ensure your son's success at Ashreinu. 

5) Travel/Flight Information

*UPDATE* - Registration for the Group Flight will open on Monday, June 29th! 

Our group flight, El Al flight #2, departs from JFK, NY on Monday, August 31st, 2020 at 8:50PM. It will land in Israel on Tuesday, September 1st, at 2:20PM. For detailed information regarding the group flight please contact Ariel Tours by visiting their website at http://www.arieltours.com/schools. On their website you will find answers to frequently asked questions, luggage guidelines and more. We strongly recommend that you carefully read the detailed information provided there.

MASA Member

Yeshivat Ashreinu is a MASA affiliated program. As such, every Ashreinu student must apply to become a MASA member. Click here to fill out your info. 

7) Dorm Information

The Ashreinu Dorm rooms have four or five beds in each room and include a private bathroom and shower. To promote camaraderie between all Ashreinu students, we will aim to set up each room so that every student is placed with one student whom he has requested, while the other students will be from a different school or neighborhood. Dorm rooms can be rearranged throughout the year at the sole discretion of the Yeshiva administration. 

Please fill out the attached form to request your roommates.

8) Family Visiting form

If you or your close family is planning on visiting your son during Yeshiva Please help us by filling out the attached form

9) Pandemic and Health Protocols

In consultation with the medical director of AIM and other medical and epidemiological professionals, Ashreinu will have strict protocols in place to ensure that all of our students remain as safe and healthy as possible. These protocols will be sent to you in a separate Corona Virus addendum, and will have to be signed by students and parents to ensure their compliance with all of our safety plans and precautions. 

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