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The Following services are provided by third party vendors.

These services are entirely optional and for your convenience only.  



  • Blanket Express Plus - Linens and other Dorm Needs  -  Blanket Express Plus has been providing its service to foreign students since 2006, and Ashreinu students for the past decade. They allow you the convenience of purchasing all your dormitory needs at home, and then delivering your package directly to you at Ashreinu, so that it's here waiting for you when you arrive. This saves a lot of luggage space and many appreciate that. Should you decide to use their services, you may place an order with them at They may be also be contacted at or 718-360-4534. 

  • TalknSave Phone Plan - We recommend TalknSave as your cell-phone provider in Israel. Your son will enjoy American-style customer service and technical support from a TalknSave representative that will greet students upon arrival at our campus. Talknsave will ship your sim card for free (if ordered 10 days prior to departure). For those that have an iPhone 14, TalknSave is offering Esim mobile plans. (Please note that none of the main Israeli providers are currently offering this service). Sign up now and enjoy TalknSave's early bird sale: Feel free to contact TalknSave with any questions at or 1-866-825-5672. 

Chat on the Go! - Click here to WhatsApp for direct and easy communication.

Don't wait in line! - Click here to make an appointment with one of our representatives.

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