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Meaningful Chessed 

The natural progression of our learning leads us to our Chessed Program. This is where we put our learning into practice. In addition to a weekly group Chessed trip, students design their bi-weekly individual chessed internships based on their personal interests and talents. Through this empowering experience, students have the opportunity to develop themsleves, give back to others and to create a Kiddush Hashem. 


Our meaningful Chessed opportunities include:

  • Managing and Coaching Sports Leagues for Underprivileged Children

  • Magen David Adom (MADA) certified first responders

  • Big Brother Mentoring and Tutoring Programs

  • Teaching English as a Second Language

  • Buddy Program with Yachad and Shalva

  • Environmental & Agricultural Programs - Working on Moshavim

  • Assisting the Elderly

  • Music Enrichment

  • Volunteering at the Biblical Museum of Natural History

  • Technical Consulting for Jewish Organizations - Website Development, Promotional Videos, etc.

  • Food Assistance Programs

  • Visiting the sick and infirm


Additional internship opportunities can be designed to match the specific talents/strengths of our incoming students.

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